Monday, May 13, 2013

Film: An Odyssey (Review)

         Say no more, I believe the documentary film "Film: An Odyssey" is the best way for a future filmmaker to learn its history in film. The documentary explains the specific terms used in film as well as camera techniques and well, how film originated and started. Those who dream of becoming filmmakers will as well enjoy the documentary. As for the general audience, it depends on them. Only those that enjoy film or enjoy creating/writing it will love it more and will use this documentary as their inspiration.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3.14 (+8)

It's already a little late celebrating "Pi" Day, but hey, better late than never. This video explains and shows how "Pi" has evolved in technology, the media, and our culture itself. Check it!  NOTE: All videos and music belongs to their original owners.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mashup: Waiting For The End vs. UNTIL IT BREAKS vs. Never Change         This is one of my first mashups I created. In this mashup, Linkin Park's two hits go up against Jay-Z's "Never Change" Please check it out and I hope you guys enjoy. 
                                                                               - A.P. Extremis

Between The Folds (Film Review)

Ever wondered what a piece of paper can create? Besides pictures and drawings, did you ever think of shapes? 

    Between The Fold is a 45-minute documentary film that focuses on the artistic side of Origami. The film as well also focuses on many math/science experts explaining how Origami itself uses science and math combined with art. After seeing and witnessing what a piece of paper can do, I was very impressed. The ideas used to bring these images to life takes time as these experts mentioned it continuously throughout the film.
    I really admire the fact that all of these designs in the film weren't rushed and were all original. There was nothing in the film that was reused or rehashed for the sake of making a documentary. It also proves the point that anyone can do Origami. People can either create something small or something as huge as a statue. What you see is unbelieveable and remarkable and the experts explain why it takes time and why/how it is important in our society today.
     Between The Fold explores the origin and philosophy of Origami itself as it also shows how creative anyone can be. Using math or science itself can help evolve what a simple piece of paper can do.


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                                                                              - A.P. Extremis